The SME Compass
Corporate responsibility along the supply chain

Your tool for respecting the environment and human rights within your company:

  • Understand risks
  • Take action
  • Comply with due diligence

A tool consisting of two components:

  1. Due Diligence Compass: step by step through the management process.
  2. Standards Compass: Understand and compare standards/certificates (available soon).
Intro: What is the SME Compass?

Seizing opportunities, meeting expectations

Customer loyalty & reputation

58% of consumers hesitate to buy if they perceive companies as not sustainable.
(Capgemini, 2020)

Increase in productivity

Responsible supply chain management has the potential to generate direct economic benefits as a result of productivity gains at suppliers.
(ILO, BusinessEurope et al., 2015)

Access to finance

World's largest asset manager "increasingly inclined" to deny approval to the management of companies that are not making sufficient progress on sustainability.
(BlackRock, 2020)

Customer Loyalty & Reputation

42% of all millennials start or intensify a business relationship with a company because they are convinced of the company's social/ecological contribution.
(Deloitte, 2019)

Increase in productivity

Better occupational health and safety in textile factories increases productivity.
(ILO-IFC Better Work Programme, 2016)

Attractiveness as an employer

For 86% of Germans, the social commitment of a company increases its attractiveness as an employer.
(Manpower Group, 2014)

Attractiveness as an employer

For over 50% of employees, a clear attitude towards sustainability is one of the top 3 incentives when looking for an employer.
(Königstein Agency, 2020)

Optimization of quality management

Improving work processes and conditions in the value chain is a crucial part of a systematic product quality management.
(Global Compact Network Germany, 2012)

Access to finance

Over 60% of the boards of directors of investment companies are prepared to reduce their investments in companies with poor sustainability performance.
(MIT Sloan & BCG, 2016)

Due Diligence Compass

Getting started - The tool will help you
successfully initiate the due diligence process!

Develop a strategy

Jump to phase  1

Perform a risk analysis

Jump to phase  2

Take action

Jump to phase  3

Measure and report

Jump to phase  4

Manage complaints

Jump to phase  5

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